Tuesday, January 15, 2008

angry young man 2

Hey, Joel!

I just wanted you to know that Billy Joel has NOTHING on you, my friend! I loved your version of "Angry Young Man" and knew as soon as you played the first few notes what song you were doing.

My husband and I have seen Billy Joel in concert three times (years and years ago!) and he is phenomenal. He plays that song even faster in concert than he does on the CD, and he's just amazing. I must say, you play a wicked piano and I'm sure Billy Joel would be proud!!!! (In fact, I think Fair Oaks Church has its very own "Piano Man"!!)

Dana Molaski

Thursday, January 10, 2008

angry young man

practice makes perfect? i'm still working on the perfect part but yes, it is getting better. i'm learning this song for church sunday which is coming sooner than i'd like it to be but @ least i have a deadline. it's the 1st 16 measures thats the hard part...could you tell??

listen to billy joel do it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

GMC Sonoma 1993

93, GMC Sonoma Pickup Truck. Excellent working condition, body in pretty good shape minor dent in front bumper. Reliable, owned by grandpa most of it's life. Well maintained. 127,000 miles, automatic, 2.5L, 2WD and new tires. Wonderful truck.

$1500 or near offer.

Call or e-mail Joel

the ad that sold our ute. we wanted anything over $1000...we sold it for $1300.

the nutcracker

anna, the girl holly and i take to school each day is in ballet.
every year they do a performance of the nutcracker. i told her that i was going to be in it this year...i said i was going to be the nut! her parents invited us to go see her perform...she's the angel on the right in the video.


why write 2 entries when i can double up and cover christmas and my birthday in one...perhaps if i got double the presents i'd be a little more motivated to write twice as much??

seriously i had a great birthday and both holly and i had a great christmas, not the same as being @ home but thats what you get when you move away.

my b'day kept getting better as the day went on, i worked on the 18th for the first time in my life but wasn't feeling so great @ work so i came home and slept it off (conveniently). holly came home in the afternoon and i opened my gift which was a craftsman's tool chest/cabinet on wheels. now that we have a double carport this was a real appropriate girt from my wife...this R2D2 tool box of course fits more tools than i own. fun nonetheless.

the night wrapped up or got started depending how you look @ it with a surprise party @ some friends house. for some reason i'm always surprised, the 18th is so close to christmas i just assume people have better things to do than jump out and scare me. last time i fall for that "hey come look over here line".

christmas was the morning @ home with just me and holly followed by presents and lunch @ her parents. holly got me a espresso maker which is wonderful and i framed a ken duncan picture for holly among other things...they were the biggies.