Tuesday, September 18, 2007


last saturday holly and i attended awakening fest @ bull run park about 3 plus some miles from our apartment, this is a 10 hour long festival put on every year. we really had no desire to go in the weeks prior to the event cause it's aimed at younger kids and youth groups, however our realtor ken mckeehan kept asking if we were going or not. his invested interest is his son toby (toby mac) from former band dc talk being the main act at the end of the evening.

i was in charge of picking up the tickets @ 10:30 the morning of for all who had purchased them from our church. the other reason i went to get the tickets was somehow michael became friends with toby mac's drummer (whom i'd met before) and he wanted to get off the grounds for a little while. i met up with him while i was standing in the line waiting for my tickets, he said "don't worry about standing in line, come with me", he took me behind the ticket stand, told them who he was and bamo, i got the tickets. the highlight of driving brian around was not having lunch with him or driving him past my apartment to pickup holly but the fact that he sat in my $500 paint faded dodge neon as i drove him to michaels office (my car only stalled twice), fun times.

holly and i bought lawn chairs and went around 3pm and just sat out listening to the music and just enjoying the awesome weather. more and more people joined up with us till we had a decent size group on our piece of real estate.

@ 6:45 my instruction from ken was to meet him at the right hand side of the stage and he'd take a selected few back to meet toby. we stood @ the side of the stage and ken brought us back. virginia is toby home town so there was family wanting to see him but me and holly and a few friends from church got to hangout with him before he went on. this is the second time i've met him and he remembered who i was for whatever thats worth, nice normal bloke, and the show was awesome.

Friday, September 7, 2007


both holly and i found out thursday that our contract had been accepted. we knew that we most likely had the house because we had agreed verbally on it, but until you get the contract in your hands there is a chance it might not workout. anywayz, it did workout and so we're excited about settling and moving in on the 28th of septermber.