Sunday, February 10, 2008

barry manilow

if i hadn't forgotten my camera i would of taken my own photo of barry manilow last night (sat feb9th). however the photo wouldn't have been as clear from my seat in row Q up in the who knows where. our friends (die hard bm fans) said there were tickets for $9 available and asked if we'd like to come...sure why not, you can't even see a movie that cheap these days.

to our surprise our seat were upgraded to a better section and although we weren't on the floor rather off to the side, we could see really well as long as the ladies in the row in front of us weren't standing for yet another one of their favorite manilow songs.

my favorite part was when they showed one of his first tv appearances singing 'mandy'. as they showed him singing and playing it on the screen from the 70's he rose from underneath the stage playing the same song on the piano and singing a duet with himself.

holly and i didn't really know any of his songs but it was enjoyable from a purely entertainment point of view. good concert.