Tuesday, October 30, 2007


trunk of treat is an event my church puts on for our community halloween night. this was a new concept to me because in aus no one cares about or even acknowledges october 31st especially a church...what's up with that?
here in the USA the community at least where we live is all about halloween in the sense of dressing up and going door to door asking for candy. i've witnessed and have been proud to be apart of our annual trunk or treat event for the past 4 years now, with our church taking something that is viewed as an "evil" day in many peoples minds and turning it around to have people come onto our property for 2 hours october 31st evening. last year we had over 5000 people come and partake in this event, everyone receiving a bag of goodies with information on the church, service times, up coming events i.e. christmas eve etc.

how amazing to have this amount of people come each year to your church who receive literature of God and his salvation plan who may never any other time step foot on church property. people argue with us about doing this event but i'd rather be involved in something boarder line acceptable in the christian community and see 5000 + people coming to our door step than to be the one who sits @ home with their arms folded grunting about how evil this church is, who is making the impact for Jesus Christ? i'd rather stand before Jesus having been active for his kingdom than to be pulling down what other's are doing. a little less thinking about me and how it makes me feel and alot more thinking about them and their need for a saviour.

get out there, be relevant to the culture you're living in and meet the people where they're @.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


it finally happened, the day arrive and we bought our first house, the house we've been waiting, praying and watching since we started looking at homes.

September 28th: i arose before the alarm went off (rare) and started moving round the apartment trying to occupy myself and to hopefully compress the excitement of buying a house in a few hours time. the apartment needed to be ready to move later that arvo so i worked my way around the kitchen empting the dishwasher. holly woke up...or did i wake her up?? and we went about our regular routine of dropping anna off at school and then drove to the vicinity of where the attorneys office was in tysons corner. being in the area avoiding the traffic we were there early so we went to a nearby silver diner and had a sit down breakfast.

the time came to move on to our appointment where we had ken our realtor, the sellers realtor and the attorney at this big desk to sign papers stating if we don't pay they're coming after us. that went well and they went back and forth talking about whatever they talk about, finally i said "so do we own the house"? the attorney said, "O'yes it yours now" which was all i wanted to hear.

we had a bunch of people come that afternoon and from church to help us move and in 2 trips we were moved. done and done.